2019 Canadian Nutrition Guide

Downlaod the new nutrition guide here! The 2019 Canadian nutrition guide was published today, already! Since over 13 years I’m living in Canada, I do explain how important nutrition must be in an osteopathic treatment and that some ailments are inflammatory, so damageable (like dairy), So, today, my advices so judged are in that guide. […]

What does an osteopathic evaluation look like

Recently a person did call to set an appointment but finally resigned because she found out the first session is not free! So, I guess it is important to explain in general what a first session is made for. Of course it exists an administrative part, named “file opening”, the usual patients informations, filling the […]

Interstitium, the 80st human organ

https://www.the-scientist.com/?articles.view/articleNo/52168/title/Is-the-Interstitium-Really-a-New-Organ-/ That is possibly what will explain how our cranial, visceral,  fascial, vascular techniques and for sure the mechanic integration work. The interconnection of all the systems in the body can be related to that kind of “fluid” organ. If it can explain metastasis, the worst happening in our physiology, probably it shows the best, […]