As crazy it seems, the following list summarizes what we need to be healthy, within our body limits.

1. Activity : everyday the equivalent of 20 to 30 minutes of low cardio, walking, yoga, meditation… and 3 times a week, or more, to bring your heart up to 80% of your maximal heart rate (220 – age), with or without interruptions.

2. Healthy food: Big debate, but to make it short, a diet as similar as what cavemen ate (hunting, gathering) is a good example: proteins; animal and/or vegetable; vegetables without limit, seasonal fruits (careful with the sugar) and nuts (except peanuts; they are a carbohydrate). Grains; starch in big moderation, rice (Asian or Indian better) is acceptable, moderation is the key again, dairy should not be in the picture. As for modern grains (wheat, corn, oat, whey) they have existed since agriculture, less then 10 000 years ago, and anthropologists found proof that the human physiology needs 40 to 70 000 years to adapt to a new nutrition; wheat for example has changed a lot in the last 50 years.

3. No smoking. Should we really explain?

4. Alcohol in moderation, a glass of wine (low in sulfites is better) is not a big deal, but be more careful with beer (as it is made from grains).

5. Avoid heavy metals in all forms at a high level. Some canned fish, dental filings, additives in some vaccines…

6. Avoid as much as possible all pollution. Not easy, especially living in a city, but physical activity helps to balance environmental toxins to a certain point.

7. Positive stress management. No recipe for that, everyone should be able to find a way not to only see the dark side of things. Staying away from judgemental criticism is positive but easier said then done. Then again, physical activity is a mood booster.

8. Having a healthy gut. Big debate, Hippocrates said 2 300 years ago that all diseases start in the gut. Many books and research explain relations between gut, neurological issues, autoimmune diseases, autism. For more in depth information, feel free to google “leaky gut” and “probiotics”.

9. Seven to nine hours of sleep. That is what our brain needs to recover, detox and let the memory areas manage the information collected throughout the day.

Hope this gave you some hints on how to improve your health little by little.

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