Recently a person did call to set an appointment but finally resigned because she found out the first session is not free! So, I guess it is important to explain in general what a first session is made for.

Of course it exists an administrative part, named “file opening”, the usual patients informations, filling the form makes it faster; then we ask some questions about the reason of the visit, unlike some professions they can be many reasons, we are holistic. Also your previous medical history, issues, medics, activities, surgeries, allergies, nutrition etc… Like Md’s that can show 80% of the problem and give an idear where to look and what to look for.

Then starts the first “hands on” session: here we test the different systems, no real recipe because everyone has he’s owm approach, techniques, but mainly what we look for is(are) the reason(s) why you are in that condition. We will start a first treatment, with adjustments, adapted to the system, mechanic, visceral, cranial, fasciae … one or several of them. No forehand expectations, the physiologic situation of the patient is our guidance. Re-test of course to see how it did react and as soon we feel the balance is reached, or the patient’s body doesn’t take more, we conclude the session with advices from all kinds, maybe exercises and refferals, and usually explain that the two first days can feel a bit rough, aftermath of the body’s reaction to the deep informations; and we offer a followup, timing depending of the issue of course. No protocol there, except concussions and sometimes babies, and very rarely more then one session a week.

Now you need to know that osteopathy is not restricted to you when you have an issue, it is actually mostly preventive. So, if you just want to have someone following you and doing the best to keep you healthy, osteopathy is definitively what you look for. For example, patients originary from countries where osteopathy is regulated, are used to find a therapist, open a file and then they come every three-four months to make a check-up; basically nothing to fix everytime but always some little adjustments to keep the body in a good balance. Other patients like to go for one monthly follow-up.

Give it a try, hope to see you soon, no minimal or maximal age required.

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